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On Vacation And You Can’t Collect Your Mail? How the USPS Can Help While You’re Away

There are enough things to remember when you are getting ready to travel so the USPS makes it a little easier to keep your mail from piling up and alerting others that you are out of town.  You can put a hold on your mail via there website!

Read the attached article for more info and follow the USPS link to hold your mail


Steps to dealing with a rowdy neighbor

Rowdy Neighbors

As apartment renters we find ourselves from time to time dealing with rowdy neighbors.  Everyone is different and may not always respond how you would like so remember to keep calm and approach the scenario like the respectable adults our parents raised. =)


Here is an article to help you take the steps to dealing with a rowdy neighbor.




Neat concept!  In apartments we are always looking for ways to make our home a home without causing damages.  Here is an article on apartment friendly growth charts for your kids!  Check it out!

Smart idea