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Much adieu about cafe frappe’s and Bistro brand spinach and mozerralla sausage

Well, here I am blogging.  While being pushed pretty hard by my Gen Y daughter, Megan, I expressed much hesitation and reservation, wondering what on earth I could blog about.  After being schooled on how blogging is putting a face to the persona, giving some personal insights into the image, I am making my first attempt and hoping a connection can be found.

The first couple of things I wanted to blog about have nothing to do with my profession, owning there is more to a Smart Girl than her profession; I wanted to blog about a yummy product I have tried and one I want to try.

First, Megan and I tried the delicious chicken spinach sausages that I bought at Walmart the other day.  Nutritionally, they looked OK with 17 grams of protein, but from a practical side, they were a cinch to prepare, from pan to plate in about 8 minutes, but were so tasty, we decided they would be one of our summer must-have again.   From the first bite, the mozzarella cheese oozes and the blend of spices makes this chicken product a sausage to be reckoned with.  The package of four sausages ran $3.48 at Walmart.  There are a couple of other flavors that Megan is making a beeline back so we can try next week.  We’ll let you know…

Saw this product on TV this week and I am looking for input from my peeps to hear if anyone has tried this…

Very interested in your input, although not the coffee connoisseur as some, I thought this might be necessary have in our little boutique-type office we have here at Smart Apartment Solutions.  My questions are regarding the practicality, like how easy does it clean up, how much ice do I need to keep on hand or is it another small appliance that I feel I can’t live without only to find two weeks later it sits on the pantry shelf not to see the light of day again.  Help me; is this a must-have or a pass?

Now, back to the apartment business, over the last 30 years, a business I have grown up in.  Today, outreach marketing is on my mind.  Do you do it, has been successful, what are your expectations?  Like all marketing initiatives, one of the questions with outreach marketing is what are realistic expectations?  To get closer to a reasonable answer to that question, participants in the process must understand that outreach is about establishing long-term relationships and the formula for success involves creating a synergistic partnership with your community and the neighboring business.  Simply stated, it the efforts must be a win-win situation for all parties.  We all know what happens with the fliers left at the nail boutique, so why do I see this type of effort over and over while I hear time and time again that outreach doesn’t work.  As an industry, where are we missing the mark?  We require our staff to spend x amount of hours every week, we require them to report it, how many of us has looked at the effectiveness of it.